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Steven Taylor is The Gambling Addiction Speaker and the Author of Compulsive the title of his book based on his gambling addiction ​Steven is passionate about helping compulsive gamblers ​stop gambling and escape the madness of addiction.

He has over twelve years experience of gambling recovery and understands the feelings of helplessness and the overwhelming compulsion to gamble. “I was in active gambling addiction for over ten years and my gambling got worse by the week, I just could not stop. I then found recovery and have abstained from gambling for over four years now, I consistently work on my character flaws to stay gamble free. My life is now amazing without gambling”

Steven’s Addiction Presentation is emotional and hard hitting as he talks about his journey into the world of addiction and then talks about stopping gambling and finding out who he really is as a person.


Earlier this year I went to watch Steve Taylor speak at the Truth Justice and freedom event where he was one of three speakers.
I have worked with Steve at various events, fashion shows etc but had never heard him speak publicly to an audience about this subject.
Steve talked to us about his past gambling addiction and how it effected his life.
I know Steve to be a very positive person and good role model, so to hear him talk in detail about this subject so openly to a room full of strangers was really admirable.
The audience listened while Steve presented his story and showed us how he turned his life around.
It was inspiring to hear someone so full of positivity and energy speak about dark times in their life and how they came out the other side. Steve was happy to answer any questions and offer advice and support.

Charlotte Hamilton

Steven recounted his journey from gambling addiction, through to his discovery of Gambling Recovery and how it helped him become the man he is today. His story was warmly received by the intimate audience of Samaritan Volunteers. Stevens ability to recount the highs and lows of addiction resonated with many volunteers with respect to calls they may have encountered in the past and calls they could receive in the future.

Chris Vonk from Samaritians

I have had the privilege of speaking with Steve at a inspirational event he created. He has a genuine eye for detail. Steve thinks about what will resonate with the audience and ensures that the output is professionally crafted and delivered in a way that will make you want to attend another event.

Nick Gazzard from the Hollie Gazzard Trust

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